In this episode, the guys catch up with each other after they took a little break from the podcast. They also chug some beers, eat spicy pickles and olives, and review some strange-flavored soft drinks.


We are back with our shenanigans after taking a 3-month hiatus.


Welcome to our new show, Drink of the Show.  In this episode, we try Martin House's Spicy Pickle Beer and the Four Flavors of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.  And we shine the Maker's Spot Light on Humble Sea Brewing Co, and try Pina Colada Seltzer Pop and Jammy Pops.

In this Episode, the Guys are back on their shenanigans of ramblings of absolute nonsense. They try the Warhead Extreme Sour Beers from Artisanal Brew Works for the Drink of The Show. Also, they try some jerky from Big Johnson Jerky Co.  , check him out on Instagram @bigjohnsonjerky 


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In this Episode, the guys have a few drinks, they play the game Name That Tune and went hard on their weekly idiots. Shenanigans at the finest.

The Guys are back in The Studio. In this Episode, They have a couple of beers, ate some Carolina Reappear Pepper Beef Jerky and Tommy took on The Brutal Peanut Brittle Challenge. Also, they play a trivia game. 

On any given Saturday the guys of the TNA Drinks Podcast give you a fantastic Podcast.  First, they drink the nectar of the gods in Drink of the Show, then they talk about what they are doing for Christmas and what Christmas movies they can’t live without, Finally the guys play some Christmas Trivia games.  So come along and crack open a cold one, sit by the fireplace and enjoy us, while we’re Nutt’n under your Christmas Tree.

October 21, 2020

Episode 43: The Unsolved BJ

In this Episode, the guys try a beer that was donated to them by Pedro Point Brewery out of Pacifica California.  Nick and Tommy integrate Alex about an unsolved poop accident that he told in the last episode. Also, more of their shenanigans.


In this Episode, the guys try some spicy chicken nuggets from four well known Fast Food Restaurants. Nick, tells about this COVID19 scare. Angry Tom returned again. Also, Alex tells another poop story. 

Come hang out with Tommy and Alex, while they try different adult beverages and have a great time.  Drinks of this Show are Teremana Tequila, Skrewball Whiskey, four different styles of beers, and a Hard Seltzer.

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