In this Episode, the guys talk about their experiences at Makers Faire and shopping at an Amazon Go store. Alex tells a time he bought something for a pornstar. Nick, Tommy, and Alex tell stories about getting hurt.

In this Episode, the guys tell more funny and interesting stories that happen to them. Also, they went off the script again with more of their shenanigans.

In this Episode, the Guys went off the rails once again to talk about a bunch of random shit. Also, Angry Tom is back.

In this episode, Alex talks about how he gets volunteered in helping with random events and activities. Nick ask Tommy and Alex which things they like better. Also, the guys play a game called "Is it Mukbang or Porn?".

 In this episode, the guys talk about the Super Bowl Commercials, things that happen to them at work and musicals. 

February 6, 2019

Episode 19: 23 & Dead

In this episdoe, they guys talk about their 23andMe results. Then, they pick twenty celebrities for their 2019 Death Pool.

In this Episode, Tommy, Nick and Alex talk about some of the things that they did in the past that caused a injury. They also played a game called Name That Voice. Also, they review a nuce Ghost Pepper Salami.

In this Episode, the guys went a little off script. Shenanigans at it's finest. 

In this Episode, Alex and Tom talk about what they did on their Vegas Trip they took this year. Once again, they go over the Top 25 Best Movies of all time. Tommy introduces a new character to the show.

In this Episode, Tommy, Nick, and Alex had a Fish & Chips eat off. The guys talk about three things that they want to do on their bucket list. Also, they tell their best experiences at a wrestling event.

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